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Having sold itens of millions of albums,
Dino has taken artists all across America
from obscurity to wordwide fame

Dino has delivered to the world some of the most influential and successful acts in the recording industry. Formerly Senior VP of A&R at Sony Urban Music, then a consolidated division of Sony BMG Entertainment's urban departments of Columbia Records and Epic Records, Dino catapulted platinum acts such as Lil' Flip from Houston, TX and Three 6 Mafia from Memphis, TN into the national spotlight after senior staff at Sony BMG abandoned both projects, having tried what they believed was everything possible to revive each project. So they gave Three 6 Mafia and Flip to Dino, asking him to work what at the time seemed like miracles. He immediately delivered the smash, global hit "STAY FLY" by Memphis natives Three Six Mafia. The fanfare which ensued was the most ever garnered by the group, who had made countless albums prior to releasing the single "STAY FLY". At the same time, Dino gave SONY BMG the Houston native Lil' Flip's biggest sales debut of his career, ultimately making him a platinum artist, by pushing the label to release the single "GAME OVER" which they were very reluctant to do. Still, Dino lobbied successfully for its release, and "GAME OVER" became a top 3 Billboard smash before anyone realized it, running the Billboard charts for weeks on end. Dino then followed up by delivering "SUNSHINE" by Lil' Flip, which became a global blockbuster, at the time the biggest selling ringtone ever.

Before joining Sony Urban Music in 2003, Dino worked at Universal Records where he A&R'd acts such as Rakim Allah and was responsible for signing and developing the Mid-Western group Crucial Conflict, vaulting them into the national spotlight by creating the hit "HAY (IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BARN)". At Universal Records he also signed and developed the sales record- shattering New Orleans powerhouse label Cash Money Millionaires, whose artists include Juvenile (multi-platinum), Hot Boys (multi-platinum), Baby (platinum), Big Tymers (Platinum), and the dominating force that is Lil Wayne (platinum). Dino again made history by solidifying the first ever, and since unsurpassed, record deal whereby Cash Money retained 100% ownership of their masters while receiving 33 million to secure comprehensive distribution of their albums past, present, and future. This was unprecedented. Dino expanded Cash Money's reach by making records with different artists outside New Orleans. He says, "When they first came into the business, they were very reluctant to make records with other people. I had to work hard to get them to open up to making records with Puffy, Cam'ron, The Clipse, etc." Today, we find Lil' Wayne in particular guest appearing on countless artists' singles, often helping propel them into the spotlight simply by his presence – a presence begun with a foundation laid by Dino Delvaille.

Prior to his work at Universal Records, Dino began his career as a young A&R executive at Pay Day/Polygram Records in 1993, during an era dominated by New York and Tri-state area MCs. He managed the hugely successful Jamiroquai for their first ever US tour, building his brand from scratch in places such as L.A. and NYC, where Dino says "I can remember bringing him to clubs where we had 10 people show up to see him perform" laughing at the same time. "He built his fanbase in clubs like that before he went worldwide".

Dino is also responsible for the mega-hit "21 QUESTIONS" by 50 CENT which ruled the airwaves and gave 50 CENT one of his biggest records of all time. And of course, a crowning moment in Dino's then early career was his finding an emcee known today as Sean Carter, otherwise known as Jay-Z, who Dino signed to a single's deal with Jay Z's record "IN MY LIFE- TIME" to PayDay Records which began the historic rise to power of one of music's all-time greatest giants.

In his final days at the label, Dino signed the artist Collie Buddz, hand-crafting the hit "COME AROUND" which became an instant classic and arguably the symbolic anthem of anthems for ganja smokers world-wide to this day. Collie Buddz has since become a Reggae superstar, topping charts around the world, from Germany and England, to Jamaica and Japan.

Having sold tens of millions of albums, Dino has taken artists from obscurity all across America to worldwide fame. Dino Delvaille's indelible legacy began with his recognition that what moves people through music is not restricted to an addictive chorus or a controversial artist. It's the ability of one person to feel the future before it happens, to seize the opportunity that this foresight presents, the gumption to stick-to-your-guns when others claim you're wrong, and the strength to lead with a steady hand from start to finish – to take simple dreams and give them life. As he says, "it's not complicated, we're not saving lives here – this is simple". When you know it, you just know it.