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    Have Your Material Reviewed Live on MPtv by Major Talent Agent Dino Delvaille with credits on over 25,000,0000 albums sold.

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    MusicPlacements offers its members a range of legal services including music copyrighting for as low as $2.50 a track. Upload your catalog and submit your material for a quick and easy copyright by the U.S. Copyright & Trademark Office. Artist & Band name trademarks, producer declarations, PRO registrations and more.

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    Need top quality production for your next album or demo? Looking for contacts in the music industry but don't have the connections? We can provide major label and publishing company introductions for top artists, producers, and songwriters. We offer a complete list of services to MusicPlacements Featured Members. Studio Sessions, Production, Songwriting, Web Services, Digital Distribution

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    MusicPlacements is often contacted about upcoming film and T.V. projects that need top quality music. We search our member database to fill those open projects.

    Recent film placements include the title track for Shoot The Hero and On Bloody Sunday.
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    Recent Premium Placements:

    50 Cent (G-Unit)

    "Part Time Lover" Watch
    "On My Grind" (Unreleased)

    Jim Jones Presents MEMBERS OF

    "Money Right"   Watch
    "We Flyin"    Watch
    "Throw'in BG"    Watch
    "Religion"   (ITUNES VERSION)
    "Pop Off"   Watch

    Jim Jones and Skull Gang Present
    Tribute to Bad Santa

    "Christmas Like This"   Watch

    Jim Jones - Hustler's POME

    "Weatherman"   Watch

    Shoot The Hero (Film Release)

    On Bloody Sunday (Film Release)


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